Replays live on PBE!

Road to Pre-Season: Replays on the Horizon
That time we said we weren't doing Replays... The last time we talked about Replays was about a year ago in our first Riot Pls. At that time, a number of factors led us to deprioritize Replays. Since then, we've put a ton of love into League's global infrastructure (for example creating Riot Direct), prompting us to revisit the conversation.
Greetings, PBE Summoners! We recently announced that [Replays are coming]( to the League Client Update and we’re excited to take the next step toward getting this feature into players’ hands. Today you’ll be able to access Replays in PBE with the LCU! If you’re not already using the League Alpha Client, please remember that as a PBE Tester you already have access to it and you’ll need to use it if you want to download your replays and create highlights of your badass moments! Download the PBE Alpha Client using the links below and log in using your regular PBE account info. [Alpha PBE Windows Installer]( [Alpha PBE Mac Installer]( IMPORTANT*: Because patch cycles on PBE can occur as often as every day (unlike the typical cycles on live), you should expect your replays to expire on a daily basis. An expired replay means that it can’t be downloaded or watched (if it was previously downloaded). Match History will be a great place to revisit your replays on live, but on PBE we recommend downloading them as soon as possible and creating any highlights you wish to keep and cherish forever (your recorded highlights will not expire, just the full replay). Otherwise, you might find your match from _yesterday_ is expired in Match History. Here’s what else you can expect from **Replays on PBE**: * Replays are not supported in Co-op v. AI queues. The available game modes on PBE change periodically; currently Ranked queue is where you can experience Replays! * Replays will be available to download and watch using the shiny new button at the Post Game summary. * Replays will also be available to download and watch from your Match History page (*please see the important note above). * While you’re watching a replay, you can quickly locate and navigate to exciting moments using the new annotated timeline! * Capture your sick plays as a highlight using the record feature (start or stop recording using the red button or ctrl+v). Once the recording is complete the location of the saved highlight will be displayed above the timeline (e.g. C:\MyDocuments\LeagueofLegends\Highlights). * Watch your highlight by locating the .webm file created in your documents folder and opening it with VLC media player or dragging it into your .webm compliant browser window. Highlights are currently locked to a default resolution and quality setting. Please let us know what you think! Share your feels or report bugs here, and thank you for participating in this test. :)
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