TFT will not last long if they will not make a big change? NO BALANCE AT ALL.

TFT will not last? Why? Because we are already seeing local scripts that gives you idea how to win, because TFT is a small game with small board and no much champions with little items, IT IS NOT CHESS, it is a calculated game, you can not control your game, you dont need skills or brain to win like Rift? you get fiora/garen/vayne early game, you won first round, you get warwick 3 time, in first round, you won first round, you get garen 3 time in first round, you won first round, you get Pyke from the first round, you won the first round maybe you will auto win the game.. etc Scripts are using the concept: IF I have warwick/darius/fiora.. etc which one is more powerfull to use vs their champs? without forgeting that we add every single champions data... items data.. so you will just use IF > THEN / THEN THEN > SO if, if...else and Nested if...else, INT, COUT ENDL. Everyone can create those local scripts with C++ / VisualStudio with only a little of knowledge. I'm suggesting to create a shop for a card-Items-champions that we buy with RP, like Hearthstone, with those Card Champions and Card Items that we buy (Those items/card-champions are not revealed in shop, they are like Chests) so everyone got a chance to have a random item/champions, if you buy more chest-Card-Items/champions, you have more chance to get an OP Item-champion? Card-champion-Items are random... etc, so now we have cards-Item-champion, we need a bag, a personal bag that we put those cards in, so when we start a game, everyone got a bag with a limite of champions-Items.. so THE GAME IS BALANCED, for now the game is not balanced, it need more creation and more balance, now the game is built on chance and limit, the game is limit, you have AurlionSol/Draven with Runnans etc, you won the game, auto win. IT IS SCHEME. (Cards Items*Champions that we buy from the shop with RP, a special bag that got a limit of champions and items, so in a bag you will have X- champions with X- items,X is the limit etc, the bag got two categories etc) Items: is like a Card of Wind, so when you put a card of wind, early in battle you will have a 2.5 seconds of wind etc. *About the cards champions- items, when you are in game: when you fight, if your champion die or you use an item card, this champion/item move to a trash box, the champion or the item doesnt last for a second round if the champion die or the item is used.. so we can keep the game alive. *Pay to Win? No, you will have your base cards/items, a limit of base cards that you will play with in your game.. In the beginning of every week, your base cards will get different champions/items, if you want to shuffle your bag of cards with new cards-champions/items that you want to own, you will need to buy the chest cards. *About cards champions-Items chests, if you get two cards that have the same champions/Items or a card that already you owned, you can evolve your champion/item with that champion-item you have already for the same champion-item, here we are talking about a new era, a new system, a creation, the champions/items will have Exp/Stars, so with everytime you get the same champions-items you owned, you will Combine/Develop them to get Exp/Stars or you can sell them.. Here, we can call it competitive, why? because you will have your own cards, your own items, YOUR OWN TACTICS! YOUR OWN BAG, NOTHING WILL BE BUILT ON LUCK! :D Think about it.
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