TFT first impressions

Overall, the game is so fun to play and incredibly addicting. Little legends interacting with other players, using emotes and taunts/dances make the game very sociable, so you don't feel like you're just playing against bots. The carousel is such a crucial point, strategy-wise, and I think it is a great addition. It allows you to scout a few possible strategies, and in the worst-case scenario, it gives you the possibility of combining into a useful item for your strategy. In my opinion, Dragon should drop an item(or a piece) every time you defeat it, for each player. Speaking of creeps, they feel slightly on the weak side, like as long as you have an upgraded team, you'll always defeat them without any chance of losing. I feel like you get TOO many items, and it's too RNG based at the moment from creeps. Some items are kind of... a bit too powerful, I'd tone down the item's power slightly, as stacking items on one champion seems to be quite strong (especially if it's a 3-star) -Mordekaiser seems very squishy and doesn't deal any damage, compared to the other knights. -To my understanding, Assassins can't be 'banished' by Zephyr, don't know if it's a bug or intended. -There are some outliers that I also feel like are weak or on the strong side, champions like Aurelion, Fiora, Elise, Gnar, Brand. But those are just first impressions, need to play a bit more to see how they do into different comps at different stages of the game.

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