All the problems wrong with Blitz from a gameplay perspective

Hello, friends. I've played Blitz a fair number of times and I keep coming back to a few very key points that I view as problems with Blitz. #The Problems: --- - Jungling isn't satisfying and doesn't exist outside of the first few minutes of the game. What's the point of utilizing the role with two people if it's not actually utilized outside of getting the two buffs at the start? **Solution:** Make Jungle camps spawn more often or improve the layout or size of the Jungle itself. - Blue buff is in a really awkward spot Why is it clearly visible from the lane whereas red buff is tucked away safe and sound? Junglers can't take the buff without being forced off by the two people sitting in the middle lane. Sure, it's great to force team fights, but the entire game feels like one big team fight already. **Solution:** Use terrain to block off Blue buff and make it realistic to take as a Jungler or group of Junglers. - Champions who scale with gold hit their power spikes incredibly early in the game, placing those that don't on the somewhat weaker side. Shaco, for instance, is gated by his weak early-game and reliance on gold to scale into a powerhouse. Usually there's a lot of play around being able to shut this down, however that's not the case on Blitz. He'll actually go above and beyond because of just how fast he can hit that power spike and how easily he can control the Jungle with his partner. **Solution:** Use specific buffs and nerfs to fix the discrepancy between champions. - Some events just win the game for the team that wins the event. Loot Teemo, for instance, distributes so much gold to the winning team _and then_ gives them a huge buff for winning the event in the first place. I have been playing more than one game of Blitz where the team was was losing heavily took the Loot Teemo and just won the game within the next 2-3 minutes after that. Plus, it's great at spawning and _immediately_ running into an enemy base so the other team doesn't have a good shot at winning. **Solution:** Loot Teemo should spawn in the Jungle and follow a fixed path throughout said Jungle. Spawn Cannon should have either a maximum range or be expire after a set amount of time. - Why are there two lanes divided by a bush that's permanently warded? Two lanes for three players is fine in theory, like in Twisted Treeline! However, the fact that the Junglers leave the Jungle shortly after the game starts means it's more like two lanes for _five_ players. It's _incredibly_ crowded, _plus_ the two lanes are really awkward with where their turrets are placed. Why even have a second lane like that if the turret going down in one lane means the other one is guaranteed to fall because you no longer have any protection from incoming enemy players? Also, there are too many players confined to too small a play area **Solution:** Reduce the player count to 4 players per team or increase the size of the map itself. Change the position of the terrain or turrets to allow for protection even if one turret gets taken out. - What purpose does the Jungle turret serve? It only protects the Gromp camp, that's it. Why even utilize a turret in the Jungle in the first place? It doesn't do a good job protecting the other camps, so what point does it serve being there? **Solution:** Just get rid of the tower or make it deal vastly more damage than it currently does --- Honestly, I really like Blitz. What I don't like is how cramped, awkward, and one-sided the map is or can become. Does anyone else have anything to add or argue? I'm just really disappointed here.
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