HUD feedback and suggested option

I found the new HUD jarring upon first playing with it on the PBE. The information I normally look to the left corner for was gone, and it felt almost as if I had lost an arm. I instinctively kept moving my mouse to the left corner to buy, but alas, no gold info box was there to click on for the shop. I ended up just pressing P after a while. The new HUD **IS** really nice; don't get me wrong. It's slick and streamlined and very modern, but maybe you guys could add an option to swap the champion face and item windows. It'd still keep everything centered, but it'd instead allow you to still glance left for items, as we always have. It was just very off having to look down for items and gold, and the stat box actually fits better visually after this change. I made a quick mock-up of the suggested change (sorry for the preview size; I wasn't at my home computer when I did it):
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