Feedback after good amount of playing

Hello all, I have played the game for a decent amount of time and I also played the Dota 2 Underlords (which I will spell D2U from now on). I am not an autochess expert since those two are the first games I play in the genre, but I have been somewhat successful so far, mostly ending games in top 4 or better and I wanted to share some feedback on TFT. Balance/Items: - I much prefer the D2U way to be able to move items around. It happened to me that I had a lvl 2 Zed leveling up to 3 with 3 items already and a lvl 2 Zeds had an item. This made the lvl 3 Zed discard an item at Random (which I wanted him to keep) and I had no way to correct or control that. If at least adding a new Item to a 3 Item Champion would discard the oldest, at least we could work around some things. - I also dislike the randomness of item drops in TFT; in D2U, every Creep round award an item in a list of 3 that you chose. This prevents the huge gaps between players sometimes having 6 items (or 3 improved items) at the end of the first 3 round while other have only 1 or 2. If you have a bad run and lose the creep round, in D2U you still get an item and you don't lose health, however you lose the chance to pick the item since 2 from the list of 3 will be randomly removed by the game. This prevent someone having a bad run to get buried even further. Also, being able to chose your items (to a certain extent since the 3 options are still randomized) will really help you tailor your team instead of having casters items in your ADC team, ... - I like the item combinaison but I wish we could combine them without having to place them on a champion. Sometimes I had to buy a useless champion to combine item then sell the champion to put it on the one I wanted. - The rare item spatula really feels underwhelming. I have had game where making a lvl 2 Morgana assassin would rekt the enemy backline but most of the time I find the synergy items would need to be stand alone instead of another combination where you feel you are losing your B.F. Sword (or else) for not much. I wish the spatula would give items like hurricane instead of an additional class tag. or at least give us the choice instead of being limited again by which item we combine it with. (that would be a UI challenge to make it user friendly and fluid but still). OR make it that the Spatula improve an item to whatever combination is available to the basic item you combine it with! - Vayne seems slightly overtuned. Plain and simple. we can consistently see that character being picked to lvl 3 because she's cheap, easy to upgrade and a safe investment that you can dump in item blindly. It's rare I don't see a game without someone try to do the protect the Vayne strat. - Ninja's lvl 4 bonus seems underwhelming, I was never able to pull it off and it's really not a goal I really want to try in games since it kinda force you to go in all kind of weird directions (Assassin, Elementalist, Blademaster, ...) - The initial Carousel would really need an extra 5 to 10 seconds if not all played have picked a hero and should automatically end a few seconds after everyone has. Multiple time I got my top 2 choices picked before me and then I have to go all the way across the circle to pick my hero but I don't have time and get a random thing, ... VERY annoying. UI Improvements: - D2U has a lot of options to see DPS, total damage dealt, etc. I expect this is something planned for TFT but just in case. - More Information on Champions! D2U shows the attack speed, attack damage, DPS, Armor, Magic resistance, - The carousels need to be improved in the way we pick champions. It is so annoying to be super careful to no hit a random champion when you move around. It only occured to me once to pick the wrong hero but dams that was the WORSE feeling I've had in the game. I can't even change even if you have enough time, ... I think that's enough for now! Otherwise I really enjoy the game

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