Project: Jhin feedback

I believe that the skin you made is great, but like many great things, it could use some polishing. The main problems i have with it right now is: * Model that conflicts with his animations. One of the examples of this is his "arm lenghener" on his mechanic arm. When you use taunt on Jhin, it cuts his other parts of the skin. Either you could shorten it, or you could ditch this idea for his arm, and just go with regular metal one. * "W" effect So overall this whole visual effect is masterfully done, but i believe that the end of the shot looks "incomplete", like it is cut in half. You could make more distinct effect on the end of it, so that both Jhin player and the enemy would know when the "W" ends. * "E" effect By this i don't mean the trap itself - it's great, but the visual effect during the trap flight is not solid. It should have more effects, like the bloodmoon skin - it has clear flight VE, making it better for both Jhin player and his enemies. That's all i have for now. If you're reading this thank you for making a great game and listening to the community.
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