Mutiny! - LOGIN QUE - Summoners Call

First of all, greetings to all you summoners that are waiting 5 to 8 hrs since the day the mode came out. Waiting for the server maintenance to come out. Fpr those who wait ... Not to even try the mode... Just to get in to their account and enjoy trying skins they can not afford in live servers (such as me). Respect for streamers that give us great content. And for those working on giving us a fresh gameplay everyday. For those behind the scenes that stress and take dosens of caffeine to keep the servers up. To provide us with clean and a balanced game. Mutiny? I must say - people have waited a long time to try this mode. They deserve to play it, if not the first day, then let be the second. Whitlisting streamers tp log in INSTANTLY is understandable on the first day, but i must say, though some may downvote me for this, they must wait the same as we do! All of them, including Nightblue yassou etc... Don't get me wrong, we love them all for giving content and promoting a great game (respectively to all opinions of course weither they agree or disagree). People ahould be switched after a certain time, number of pbe testers should be limited, i actually don't care if i get kicked out of pbe but also to get only the minority of testers to actually test the game , not just play. It has a higher chance to get a more improved game. I understand some may hate me for this, im sorry i do not mean you no harm or offense. And please Don't ban me for an honest opinion. With all due respect riot, give respect to your average players , the ones that try to advance, the ones who dont have the time to wait but still wait. I work heavy hours but still manage to get a day off to play league, The game became part of my life so as others. Summoners unite, we average summoners with no privileges , we made the sreamers what they are, we made the game what it is. We should be treated as equal, if we have to wait an hour , so as them. This post just came to my mind, no offense meant to riot or league of LEGENDS group. We want a balanced league also in privileges. We all should be LEGENDS! No flaming please, because i don't mean you no harm.

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