[FEEDBACK] Bewitched Morgana's Bottom Wings (And more details)

Hi, at first, I need to say.. I LOVED Morgana's Visual Update ♥ really!.. I loved her new hair style, her clothes, her concept, pose, dance, joke, taunt, recall, everything.. or.. most everything.. I don't get her "tail".. I know it should be her bottom wings, but looks like warwick's tail and looks ridiculous (maybe it looks like a tail because of how it moves and how it are overposted) .-. specialy in cases like Bewitched Morgana, that her wings aren't a "angel wings" with feathers.. are more like bat's wings, so don't make sense at all... .-. https://i.imgur.com/rKo9iUf.png I think this bottom wings needs to have a new texture, to show more that they are wings then a tail .-. just like Victorious Morgana, that her bottom wings are other color then her clothes and looks more like "fabric" then furry tail (that's I guess this was the target on her concept .-.) but anyway, beyond this tail's thing.. I need to ask to decrease her hat heigh and increase weight, because it looks more a "dumb's hat"/"birthday's hat" then a "witch's hat" like her splashart, and please, put her bangs over her left eye, just like splashart too.. It's so more charming (in both ways xD) and tune her hair tone for something more contrasted and bright like Bewitched Janna. So.. I did an issue showing how I think it would look better with these changes I commented: https://i.imgur.com/GjFY3UH.png I'm sorry about this post, but I love Morgana and love her more and more now... and I want to she gets perfect, because she diserves to be happy ♥
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