My opinion about Irelia

I think you really made an awesome rework. Still Irelia but in a cooler way. Now she is a real blade psycontrol master. I will say some tips I would change to make her perfect although she is already amazing. *GAMEPLAY* * *Q* --> Increasing heal. * *W* --> Lowing damage but add an slow (in the announcement you said it would be so, and it makes sense, due to it is an spell make Irelia stops moving and would help to catch with her E) *3D MODEL* * *Hair* --> I know you realized the problem so I trust you will fix it and make a good job, as you did with Ornn's horns. Besides, I would change the adornment from the back of her head too, which looks weird (feather? cloth? Idk what is). * *Colour* --> She looks a little Noxian, with red and blades. I would put the red parts pinker and the silver one whiter, i.e, lighter colours, as you made in her splashart. I think it would make her more Jonian. Just a little bit lighter. *SPLASHART* * *Face* --> She seems Fiora. A french beauty face. I think if you change only her eyebrows it would be ok. With a tear shape eyebrow it would be more asian, so more Jonian. I made a version too, but I am not very good with this: Sorry for my english, and I hope you read this. Anyways, if you don't change anything of this, I am really happy with the new Irelia. Thank you Riot <3

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