Yuumi Changes, Yuumi Main opinion

> **Sincerely my opinions as main** {{champion:350}} * Passive: I loved the change but, with the risk that the changes in W had, it makes it almost unreachable, as many bots have a lot of CC {{champion:89}} and / or hard CC {{champion:111}} , which makes it too complicated for it to survive. In the end it becomes uninteresting to abuse the passive for those who know it{{item:3070}} . For those who do not know will fumble with the champion and, this has become something punitive and painful. * Q: I think it was necessary to increase the usefulness as it is supportive, so instead of increasing the base damage, they should have improved the slow, it's too uninteresting to raise Q for players who want more support. I found it positive to nerf the scaling of AP ratio. I don't think it's cool to make Yuumi{{champion:350}} full AP {{item:3041}} . * W: I think it was a heavy nerf punishing her for her bonus, the champion is fragile, and it's not nice to be forced to stay AFK on her ally. I ask that since she is more exposed, increase her base life, since she is very vulnerable. (Due to the loss of movespeed, detaching in teleports, it's {{summoner:4}} can't be cast on my W or inside an allied champion, low life, lack of unaided escape). The nerf guarantees that any CC that kills her{{champion:350}} should be a maximum of 3 seconds of "punishment" and not FIVE. * E: It's very interesting the additional speed attack, I appreciate the buff, but caveat that makes adc's like {{champion:81}} , {{champion:202}} , {{champion:74}} and other apc's generally not abusing {{champion:350}}'s power, making it a little less useful. And if nerf's intention in Q is to limit Full Ap{{item:3041}} builds, E makes it much more attractive to build. __ Thank you if you are heard. I will take notes if necessary. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}

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