Questions about ban system

Yea so i got a 14 day ban from a single game, i understand why i got banned and can't complain after google translating what i copied from the enemy senna, but just wondering if chat restrictions are entirely gone, as my chat logs were taken from a single game and besides the spanish stuff that i didn't even know what meant, we were just kidding around with enemy team since it's a chill PBE enviroment. Wondering if this is just because it's PBE or if it's the same on live And no lol i'm not saying i don't deserve a ban If interested in chat log Game 1 In-Game SadLarry1: ok noob SadLarry1: heca is invading SadLarry1: i think SadLarry1: noob SadLarry1: ok noob SadLarry1: maybe learn not to die to tank as ranged SadLarry1: :* SadLarry1: no SadLarry1: yes SadLarry1: yes SadLarry1: romania SadLarry1: disconnect gang SadLarry1: senna pro gamer SadLarry1: no hate SadLarry1: the best SadLarry1: senna faker SadLarry1: inting in worlds SadLarry1: maricon SadLarry1: ? SadLarry1: no i don't want to fuck your mother SadLarry1: yes yes tu madre SadLarry1: sexy yes SadLarry1: YES TU MADRE MIERDA MARICON PUTA SadLarry1: yes i good spanish yeS? SadLarry1: si ez? SadLarry1: you are iron? SadLarry1: never would've guessed SadLarry1: you play like challanger SadLarry1: si si pro rank 1 SadLarry1: drake SadLarry1: stop SadLarry1: aaa SadLarry1: yes SadLarry1: gamer SadLarry1: hopefully not like mr rank 1 on enemy team tohugh SadLarry1: though* SadLarry1: that would require years of training SadLarry1: honor senna* SadLarry1: 6 assist god SadLarry1: gg wp
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