Suggestions for Bloodmoon Akali

Okay as akali splash arts and skills where revealed not long ago, and the leak on the internet few hours before. I like the new model for akali except one thing... every skin has the same hairstyle just different colour, except infernal having fire, and i assume headhunter will be slightly different from the looks of splash art. So my suggestion is to the Rioter (if anyone knows who please name him/her) who designed bloodmoon akali or even Bradford “CertainlyT” Wenban himself or any other rioter who could pass this on If maybe changing her hairstyle in that skin into a bun with bangs(like in splash but with a bun) and have chopsticks in the bun like maybe golden with that bloodmoon blue on the tips. it would fit the bloodmoon kinda chinese/asian style that it has and it would just make the skin standout a bit more especially hairstyle wise. (and a bun will still keep the hair away from her back if thats what riot is after) Maybe also change bloodmoon W into bloodmoon red smoke instead the same colour as every other skin. idk bloodmoon was my favorite skin and personally i think these 2 changes would make the skin go form 9/10 to a solid 20/10 Peace. [Edit] Now that i played bloodmoon akali, id like to also suggest, some more changes, making her weapons a darker blue and more vibrant like in the splash art, and also maybe add a new unique recall for bloodmoon akali, since every single other bloodmoon has something more unique, than the same recall has classic skin + 3/4 others just a different image on the card. and maybe make her sleeve hang a bit like in the splash art and similar to what old bloodmoon used to have as sleeves
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