Fountain Farming in URF should be forbidden

Hello I had a very annoying game. The enemys had Jhin, yumi, Jinx, malph and ashe. And they cutet our lane on top lane and pushed the top as 3. At least they was in our base and fountain farmed us the whole game, Jhin and Yuumi combo are very strong. But Fountain farmin and not end te game should be a rule on URF and should be forbidden. A game should be end fair and not unfair like this. Jhin shoot all his spells in and Jinx her ult, Yuumi castet endless her Ult in our fountain. Jhin was like 40 kills + at the end the game. Sorry but urf dont make fun in this way when players have to play sadness like this and even cant be fair. For me was this the last time i played urf, not on PBE and not on live. Regards Drako
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