This version of Poro King is totally useless.

I was thinking about how bad this no bans and no picks version of Poro King is. With no bans, no flash, no heal and no barrier or cleanse, a lot of champions will suffer in this mode, especially the immobile champions like ADCs or mages. I really hope they will add at least the ban option to make it a little bit fair. What would you do if a Katarina or Akali engages on you when you're playing a mage or immobile ADC? Aboslutely zero chance to escape or fight back. The best you can do is add a stack to summon the poro and that's it lol If this is the final version of Poro King, we might as well play ARAM, at least on ARAM you have your summoners spells to fight back or stay alive and escape. **Please, consider bring the old and real fun to play Poro King, not this lazy version. ** {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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