Sett's Inconsistencies w/ my QOL tweaks

Hey! I'm Papaia Cheeks (or Dodo, as you prefer) and I'm here for the first time talking about the inconsistencies I find on Sett's kit. (This is my first time so don't _sett _ your expectations too high...) I'm not a type of player who enjoys Fighters and tanky beasts like Sett. (_I'm a Nami player, actually.)_ But for some reason I enjoy playing Sett's punchy kit. It's fun! There are, however, a few points on his kit that makes me scratch my head of confusion. Like I said, I don't play much these types of champions, maybe in some cases the things I'll be talking about are actually normal. Anyway, here's the stuff: > **Sett's AA range and his Q** > Sett has 125 range on his Auto Attack. Alright, fine. But just on his left arm (sometimes, but I'll get into that later). His right arm has 175 range. I couldn't find why, nor where that stands in the tool-tips, but I'll take it. > The thing is, how he changes the range. Look here in this video I made: > [Very professional Sett AA video]( > He punches at max range with left arm (125), all fine. If he attacks at max range with his right arm (175), his next attack with the left arm makes him move reeeal close to the target 90% of the times instead of the maximum range of 125. His Q, Knuckle Down, makes him get the extra 50 attack range in his left arm, and the same thing happens if he attacks at max range. It shouldn't right? > This gets a bit messy when there are obstacles as you can see in the video (just imagine minions there). He tries to move too close and that makes him lose quite a bit of time getting close to the target even if it wasn't necessary. That's not good! ... That's it about his AA. Let's move onto his E - **Facebreaker**. I have nothing to say about his W - Haymaker. >**Sett's E - Facebreaker** >[Awesome video showcaseing all the bice-- the inconsistencies of the ability...]( >No matter much who Sett is attacking before he uses E, he will attack what he wants after. Even if I point the E to the one I want him to attack, it simply doesn't work. And try that in the middle of the heat! Nope! > Imagine this: You're attacking a low hp champ and you need to use E to get them close and finish them off, but there's a fat big tank in the way, if pressing E would make Sett continue attacking that low hp champ after pulling, it would be awesome and make sense, right? It does to me. >I couldn't figure out what are the conditions, but he sometimes does continue attacking the target. This was worse before today's PBE update. Sett used to attack a target from the rectangle opposed to the cursor. At least now he attacks one of the targets in the rectangle where the cursor is. ... Let's finish this off with the last ability, R - The Show Stopper. >**Sett's R - The Show Stopper** >[Jumpy ouchy video of a quarter wolverine man pouncing over a dummy]( >The video says it all, but he stops attacking the target after using the ability. I added Vi's R for comparison. I think Sett's R should function the same way. Also, as an extra, adding at least 0.25s stun/root/snare/knock up at the end would improve it by 80% for me. I have to thank the champion team who created this champion. Thank you mister Riot Twin Enzo and team Sett, you did well! So much so to make me play a champion with such different playstyle that I'm used to. That means something! I hope this post helps in any way. It would help me play him better. I'm ... not that good as Set... If I'm saying something wrong or/and any of you want to correct me on anything, feel free to do so! I want to make this champion release the best it can be, and these were my suggestions!
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