Reporting in the lobby screen

Ok, am I the only one sick of trolls?{{champion:48}} (<-- ha get it? trolls?....sorry) I dont mind losing league games when the enemy team is better then my team and I, but losing because of one player who didnt get the role the wanted so they decided that they are going to go wherever they want because screw everybody else. Rito please, I get it that you cant weed out all the trolls, but this could vastly lower the number of them. When players are banning/choosing champions in the lobby screen there should be an option report players before the game even starts so instead of suffering through an entire game and then reporting them, you can just report them in the loading screen, and dodge(or maybe if all 4 players report someone it would kick THEM from the lobby, or something, instead of making you dodge, just an idea).
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