People Feeling Too Free

Well basically, i'm kinda new to pbe but from day one when i joined every single game there is flame and someone leaving, when i asked some people what got them into pbe 90% of the answers were rp and skins while some people said "Oh they don't ban as much", just last game i had 3 leavers and 1 afk person by the end of the game, whenever i played urf one person flames then dc's almost every single game, i honestly think that people feel way too free to do anything they want without any consequences, so honestly i think that there should be more punishments and bans on pbe, just my opinion. And i honestly think that people who have been on pbe for a long time (from the start or close to it) should be given the power to punish somebody for their behavior, i think that would be a cool feature. Please leave your opinion down in the reply's and hopefully there will be more punishments, Thanks for reading, FaithKeeper.

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