Initial judgment on the new Akali

So, PBE has been updated and as we all know, the new Akali rework is out. Here's my initial thought on the champions. First of all, I'm a fan of assassins so I naturally will have a biased POV that generally favors assassins being strong. Second of all, I haven't play a full game with her yet but I've looked at her numbers and kit in the practice tool so I think I can have something to say about it. Third, I'm not LS or some Challenger player so my viewpoint won't be like the words of God. Fourth and most importantly, the whole point of this post is to have an open discussion and express my opinion on the champion So here we go: 1) This champion is not going to be a lane bully but rather one that'll probably get rekt in lane and then carry the mid-late game through some sick outplays and stuff like that. Her Q is a 1.5 sec CD spell that does a decent chunk of damage but its cost is WAYYYY too high. Now she has her passive and w to recover energy but it's unreliable and spamming her q is usually is to your detriment. If you ever play an energy champion, you realize that while they may not have mana, there's a limited window as to how well they can spam spell because their energy cost is high relative to their 200 energy pool (400 for Shen) and then regen rate is pretty slow. What this means is that they have to be very smart about using their spells and wait for energy to be regenerated. Now, if you look at her kit, you can probably deduce that her Q is her wave clear spell. I think that her Q isn't that oppressive. It's basically a swain's Q with lower CD but MUCH higher cost (relative to akali's Champ pool). Her combo in lane is landing E and/or Q, leave the circle, E back to do damage via on-hit auto. This trading pattern is completely counterable because it requires her to 100% commit (whereas talon or zed have the option to simply poke or commit to all-ins). What this means is that the only way she'll win trade (I could be wrong on this but I'm pretty sure I'm right on this one) is to all-in. Her damage early game isn't very high imo and since she's squishy as well, I think it's the perfect recipe for her to get rekt by lane bullies like renekton, darius, and so on so I think that she'll be better mid as of this writing. 2) Akali's E and first R dash is a bit of a let-down. The reason? She has no AP ratio on the aforementioned abilities. Yes, it has base AD scaling which is good but akali is stil better going AP and this doesn't support that at all which I think is a bit of a let down. What this means is that her damage isn't as high as it should be when she's going full AP. 3) She's 1000000% less braindead, and there's an actual skill ceiling to her now. Well, the old akali doesn't have any skill shots in her kits while this one has 3 skillshot and one (her E) is relatively difficult to land. I can't play her well when I tried her out admittedly but I can see her being very strong when completely mastered with all of her mobility and utility. Overall, I think I would still play people like zed, talon, and ekko because the laning phase is so important in the current meta and I don't think akali will be winning lane unless she's against an easy match-up (someone that won't punish her all-in play style), the enemy player makes way too many mistake, and/or the akali player is like a god who has played 100000 games and now how to all-in with her properly (kudos to whoever that is b/c I can't lmao)

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