Don't Want Feedback on Eternals, Riot?

Okay, let's be honest. As much as Eternals were hyped up to the playerbase, there seems to be a distinctly heavy lack of interest (from Riot) in actual player feedback about them and their chosen method of implementation. Every current major addition to the game has a pinned feedback thread from Rioters wanting opinions and suggestions about their new creations . . . . . . except Eternals. I can't help but speculate that this is because most of the feedback is negative. Deservedly so, but I digress. Instead of ignoring the opinions and suggestions of concerned players (as seems to be the case with both the Eternals announcement and Q&A comment sections), Riot should accept them with gratitude and use them to mold these unpolished, blatant cash grabs into an achievement system both the company and the community can be proud of. One that rewards players for their hard-earned achievements and mastery in meaningful ways and lets them see how they've improved over time. One that gives an **_actual_** sense of achievement and mastery of the game and their chosen champions, rather than a lackluster in-game proof of purchase. There are so many other exciting and experience-improving options for paid content --- announcer packs, map skins, taunts, etc. The community has been asking for these for a long while. With all of these more appropriate options (which are, in many cases, already completed), it's absurd to put an achievement system meant to be a continuation of the existing mastery system behind a paywall instead. I truly believe that Eternals have the potential to be something great through work and communication, and that Riot could easily market the other aforementioned features for easy and happily willing revenue they seem to be craving. Sincerely, A disappointed yet hopeful summoner
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