[FEEDBACK] Morgana's Skins and They Idle Pose.

Hi, it's me again ^^ I know how sad, bad and annoying is coming here, and seeing another "Morgana's Feedback" but.. That's why we are here, right? to give u all our feedback to bring a perfect content♥ So... 3 days ago, I created a [post to say somethings that I think would improve Bewitched Morgana](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/AmQE2Wca-feedback-bewitched-morganas-bottom-wings-and-more-details) and I received a lot of upvotes, I know that are just 10 until now, and they aren't a lot of things, but there is a lot of posts per hour xD.. so.. it's a lot for me xD and I posted on a facebook group and a lot of people loved it ♥ So..~~again..~~ I decided to create edits for see more near this changes that I'm proposing, and I realized that a lot of her "cassiopeia look inssue" is because her idle pose.. because her skirt goes down doing a curve and join with her tail ~~(I know that's is a chained bottom wings.. but come on.. it looks like a Tail, mainly at game, that we see it so far)~~ so, I decided to create this post to show you guys, how could be Morgana's Idle Pose + Some changes I think would upgrade more her rework In all changes I put the Original model, 1st edit sugestion (just with a skirt/dress bar) and 2nd edit sugestion (using a joke base to her idle pose) Obs.: In some skins I changed little things that I believe could be amazing for this goddes and painfull woman ♥ **Classic Morgana** https://i.imgur.com/a3vd3C4.png . . . **Exiled Morgana ** https://i.imgur.com/k9cBD7C.png _P.S. I adjusted her hair size and put a bright yellow eyes, like in splashart _ . . . **Sinful Succulance Morgana** https://i.imgur.com/j1BSeKr.png . . . **Blackthorn Morgana** https://i.imgur.com/Gs06Vly.png _P.S. There, I changed a little of her hue, because with green skin, this horn, this "tail" and this wings, she looks like a Dragon Alien Cassiopeia/ Elderwood Cassiopeia _. . . **Bewitched Morgana** https://i.imgur.com/BORG3xc.png _P.S. There, I put a bangs on her left eye, like in splashart, put a bright tone on her "tail" and adjusted the hat heigh_ . . . **Ghost Bride Morgana** https://i.imgur.com/S2uLfeO.png _P.S. I created a derivation of her "tail" to a bridal veil on her skirt.. I thought that could happen because Kayle has a Riot Kayle skin, that she wear drone instead wings, so.. why Morgana's couldn't do the same?.. That skin give this chance (and because this tail on this skin looks ridiculous and looks like ~~I'm sorry for say that, but look this~~ a anal tail plug) _ https://i.imgur.com/D3E3GPu.png . . . I didn't do Victorious, Lunar Wraith and Blade Mistress Morgana because I think you got the ideia that I'm giving in this post .-. and because I think they are awesome and just need to fix the idle pose #AndBecauseI'mTired #MaybeLaterIDoThisThree And again, I'm so sorry to saying that things, and asking a lot, but Morgana is one of my mains, and I was hoping so much for this visual update, that I really want to be perfect, like she deserve ♥
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