Feedback of Master Yi changes (You are killing him)

Well, I'm testing the changes in Master Yi and so far these changes are not so good. Here are the changes that I think would work better: 1- If Riot is trying to make Alpha Strike more useful in situations other than using it as a dodge skill, the 4 hits on the same target must be followed by a base damage increase, or increasing the scale damage to 110% for example. 2 - The cooldown of Alpha can be reduced. I think it would not be broken because the Q's CD is very high, especially in the initial levels. 3- If the Alpha CD is low, Rito could increase the "%" of the Highlander CDR from 70% to 90%. 4- The change in Wuju style was very bad, removing the 10% of bonus AD AND lowering the true damage scale percentage was a bad idea. It seems that the champion lost a lot of damage and was much weaker than the live. PLEASE, REVERT IT In short, I think there is only one decent change: the casting time of Alpha Strike and Meditate has finally been removed. The 4 hits of Alpha Strike would be a good idea IF had been followed by another change, such as more damage or less cooldown. Otherwise, Riot should reverse the changes (only keeping the change in release time). And I think E's nerf was one of the things they could do with Master Yi.

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