URF elder dragon needs to go...

each dragon gives a 20% damage swing, plus true damage, plus all the other stats. its basicly a free auto win to the team that gets its kinda wasting the champ picking/ban they added back. as you need to pick strong laners so you have a chance to fight for that urf dragon. when it comes up. as is the dragon is making the mode a 10 min lane phase then a stomp once a team gets a dragon forcing the game to end fast.this is _anti fun_. i yet to have a urf game get to 30 min since they added dragon and thats even with ppl not ending the game for 5 min while they stand on top of losing teams nexus waiting for them to respwan so they can kill them in fountain. the fountain camping shows two things. 1. people want the game to be longer. since ppl mlik the game for like 5 min like this in almost all the games. 2. the dragon is making the winning team so strong so fast that they can drive the losing team(team that did not get dragons) in fountain and still prob kill them at like 20 min mark. and still easly win most time even if the winning team ints a bunch in fountain for a few more kills . and the worst thing is these stats the dragon gives are semi hidden stats(listed in tooltip) so there are somehow people still out there that dont know how much power that damn dragon is giving which mean some people on your team might not even try to contest the dragon, cause they dont know its almost an auto win.
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