The New HUD: Breaking all the Rules of Good Flow and Layout

The new HUD is highly controversial and I wanted to give how I see it. One of the biggest problems with the new HUD is that it takes the nice, organized spread of information, and roughly shoves it all into the bottom right corner. I have a pretty big monitor, and after re-sizing the HUD scaling to a level that wasn't so obtrusive (about the same level as "obtrusive" as the old HUD at full size), the information in it was very small. I can't imagine dealing with the new HUD on a laptop sized screen. Because the old HUD spread it's information into the corners in an organized fashion, it could be at full size and not feel in the way, in addition to being pleasing to look at. The HUD is also lacking some extremely important content. You can't see the enemy's KDA or CS, which is a very important quick read on how strong they are, and how well you are doing in comparison. I also find it very strange that you would hide the information on your own character (the ad, ap, movespeed, etc) by default. New players may not know they can even see that information. While sleek blue with sharp corners does look quite good on something like a website, and even looks okay for the HUD, it looks sorely out of place for the shop. The shop just looks like it belongs in a different game. Now this part of my thoughts may just be that it is change and I am just not used to it, the shop just doesn't look like it belongs to League. We have a game of fantasy and fighting, where little butterflies and squirrels run around on this flattened mountain top, where you can see a dragon flying by in the distance at the right time. Such sharp corners, square buttons, and sleek, almost futuristic design styles just don't belong in this game. These are my thoughts on the new HUD, and I know from what I have heard quite a few other people share them. Let me know what you think. EDIT: I've played 5 or 6 more games on pbe after my first two with the new HUD, and I think a lot of this was just initial "ew change". While, for any HUD, it is usually better and more aesthetically pleasing to have things spread out more, I have realized that due to the lanes running between the bottom left and top right of the screen, It does make a lot more sense to have all the overlay in the bottom right and top left. It has come to my attention that not being able to see KDA and CS was a bug. Also, the more I look at it, the less out of place the new shop looks, and that was probably also an "ew change" reaction. I only have two lasting complaints. The first is the size of the teammate icons, even on my 1920x1200 monitor at full scaling they feel tiny; you cant see the information there at a glance, though maybe you can with time. The other is that the character information is hidden by default. For new players that really seems like something that should be shown by default, so they even know it is there. This all being said my opinion has changed to a bit better than neutral, because there is only one thing that makes me like it more than the old is the tab screen. I absolutely love being able to re-order the champions from top lane to support, with the lane match-ups across from each other.
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