The State Of the PBE

Hello Fellow summoners! I never make post I but I feel I need to bring this to light in hopes for a more healthier PBE. The PBE is a place where Fellow Summoners can Test changes, find bugs and of coarse play new or reworked champs. The PBE is a place of learning and adjusting form he knowledge acquired however, it is hard to do so when their summoners that are not just your normal run of mill toxic but AFK excessively therefore disrupting the game and wasting the time of summoners with good intent on playing on PBE with an inquisitive mindset and excitement for what will be released eventually. I personally had 3 and 4 players AFK's on my team on two separate games just because they lost their lane or did not get what they want, and I'm sure many summoners on the PBE maybe be experiencing this as well. So what is the solution? the rules simply need to be more strict, AFK's are understandable if there was a IRL event that happened that needed to be tended too but when it becomes excessive it greatly impacts the PBE. I hope someone from Riot reads this and finds a small shred of time in their busy schedule to investigate this matter. My impression of the PBE is that it's a tool of learning, testing and with a bit of fun on the side ^_^ and I hope fellow summoners read this and hopefully help create a more healthier environment on the PBE. Thank you for those the took the time to read this!
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