This guy admitted in chat he was leaving intentionally, RIOT PLEASE!

Greeting PBE-community, and hopefully Riot, This morning on the PBE, while trying to test the new PROJECT: Jhin I encountered the following summoner: TLG UNpluggeD He was autofilled to support and threatened to troll if he couldn't play Jhin. I was in a good mood so I let him have his way. (He was also an earlier pick so i didn't really have a choice in the first place, but oh well) So we get into the game, and the first thing he says is: "I will leave after 3 mins" (see attached chatlog) []( And what do you know, after three minutes this guy leaves. After we surrendered at 20 minutes I of course report him, but since I have zero faith in the client's report system I decided to post here as well, since I feel like this sort of behaviour isn't to be condoned. I'd really appreciated if Riot read this and would take action, because every time something like this happens, I lose more faith in this game. Sincerely, Stringz
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