The new gamemode, Nexus Blitz how to make it better.

I have been playing this game mode for about 3 days now and I have some opinions. First, let's talk about the negative part of this game mode. Negative: 1. The jungle position is lacking in the fighting field because there is just not enough to fight over. Yes there is a red and a blue buff in the middle so fight s can occur but that just not enough. Almost every game the jungle just have 1 fight at the beginning about the red and the blue. I think you RIOT can fix this by maybe adding 2 monsters that can impact the game or maybe just change red and blue for something else, something new. 2. The events. The events are cool and I LOVE them. But I want more events that have with team fight to do and the reward should be more powerful e.g all your teammates get a level up or maybe 10% cooldown reduction for 30-60 second or something like that. 3. More map details but I think you already know that you should improve on the map design. Because I think the map is just bland. Also, it's very hard to navigate at first. Positive: 1. The game mode itself. It's refreshing with a new game mode like this. I just can't think of how many times my friends have said "I only have about 10-20 minutes left before I need to eat or play sports" and I can't play a game with them bcs of this reason, that's why this game mode is so cool. You can play with your friends' quick games. I would love to see more maps and game modes like this one. 2. The events, I just had to say it one more time. I LOVE them. It's just nice to have events that changes up the normal gameplay a little bit. And I would love to see more of them. That was all I could think up. Hope it helped you!
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