I don't feel good with this nerf to shield heal support

Actually with the last censar nerf most people has lost the fun factory to play a peel support and this turning down of shield and heal % from item plus the nerf to sorcery three (losing 5 ap) will make very sad this role (talking to all janna and soraka main) also support like nami and sona will get a very useless heal because it scale very bad now with high mana price (without considering graveus one). supports had alredy lost windspeaker blesing armor and mr and i dont want to get every single ranked a rengar or a kha that can oneshot me every 40 s because my support's shield is very low.... Also redemption scale with heal and shield % and on aram with the 50% heal red + graveus one it will be useless to build and i would prefer a tank soraka or a battle mage soraka for dealing better at this point
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