Reworked Morgana Visual Issues (Skins, Splashes, etc)

So I've played Morgana since the end of Season 3 and I own every single skin of hers as she was my second main just after Sona. All of her skins, for the most part, were absolutely beautiful (the newer released ones) aside from a few small things (tent dress syndrome, scoliosis, and Pirate Hat Bewitching Morgana). However, with these new skins there are many issues, alongside many positives. So let's just go through the positives and negatives of each skin, going through each aspect (Splash Art, Model, VFX, etc.). Exiled Morgana - For the most part, this skin looks really beautiful. The Splash art is absolutely gorgeous and a total improvement from before and I appreciate that the red auto attack VFX was kept. However, I'm really surprised that her other VFX wasn't changed accordingly to be red, similar to Infernal Akali. There are other reworked skins (Shadow Eve) that are much cheaper in price that got better updates and I believe that standard should continue to be upheld for all reworked skins. Aside from Blood-Red VFX, I think her wing color could also be made more crimson. The shackled wings also look like a red tail (Eternum Cassiopeia). Sinful Succulence Morgana - This skin was very well done and perfectly updated. If anything, I'm surprised her ultimate doesn't at least have some sort of SFX in the form of a timer "ding" as though the food was done, and her Q being a thrown burnt cookie. That's more nitpicky, so aside from that, I don't have any qualms with the skin. Blade Mistress Morgana - It's the same as Sinful Succulence in terms of being very well done and perfectly updated. I do miss the old splash art's hairstyle (the recently updated BM Morg splash, not the original), but since her hair is changed I like that this skin has a unique cybernetic feel to it. Well done! The in-game model is also gorgeous and it does the BEST job with making the shackled wings look appealing and not like a wolf tail with its detailing. Blackthorn Morgana - For the most part, this skin was kept true to the original, although I do miss the old hairstyle; but that's just a common theme with liking the old hairstyles and something I need to get used to! Now in terms of actual issues, she lost that natural/tree vibe with her wings and dress. She doesn't have the big tree roots trailing like she used to and her wings look like dragon wings now, as opposed to being comprised of leaves draped from a tree branch. She doesn't have the leaves trailing off of her as she walks. Her W doesn't look like vines since the overall purple/pink vibe of the skin just seems to ruin it. The orange/red/brown colors were much more fitting and it's nearly impossible to see the leaves flying out like the old W. Her E looks better now with the new colors, but it also lost the swirling leaves around it. The new ultimate has the cool vine silhouette, but the old ultimate had her constricting the target with actual vines that made the skin feel more cohesive and fitting of the theme. Her model itself is gorgeous and I love that she doesn't look like a walking treestump. I just wish she had her own unique splash art since I feel it takes away from the glory of her skin. Ghost Bride Morgana - Same as before, mostly kept similar to the original. However, the addition of the wings removed her veil that added to the theme, and the black wings look like a Warwick tail and it ruins the skin entirely. I cannot unsee her as having a big black furry tail and it destroys the theme. I think perhaps making it look more like the train of a wedding dress would be more fitting. Her screaming face on the recall is actually really funny and fitting, even though it looks rather odd on almost all of the other skins. The reaper wings look much worse than before due to their small size which is disappointing because they were the defining feature on the old GB Morg skin. As for her W, I think adding SFX of a subtle wailing like on her recall would make it feel more satisfying and unique. The splash art looks like an angel of death, but it's also not fitting of La LLorona. Aside from those issues, the VFX looks really beautiful and a total upgrade! Victorious Morgana - This skin was beautiful before the rework aside from her model rig, the tent dress, and her drape wings. The new model looks mostly better, but the blue jewels on her wings, her headpiece and the colors are far inferior to the old skin design. As for the VFX, the recall feels lacklustre in comparison since the old recall felt more dramatic, but I think that's mostly due to the SFX. I do like how her wings flare out in this new recall. The splash art is gorgeous, but the wings behind her head make her look like a disney villain rather than regal like she was before. Lunar Wraith Morgana - The recall feels so much cooler and more fitting, I love the green tint to her face. However, her headpiece and the wings don't look as nice as they used to. It almost looks as if she has a christmas tree sprouting out of her back. The old wings felt much more regal, along with the headpiece. Aside from this, the model itself is absolutely gorgeous and I love how sleek it looks. She looks stunning! Morgana looks very bare in the splash art and outshined by Caitlyn as it seems Morgana's colors have been muted. Bewitching Morgana - Her hair is atrocious, she looks like a housewife; I'm sorry, I just had to say it. I was hoping that her hat would look less like a pirate hat, and more like a witches hat. It would've been amazing if she looked more like the Coven skin line (hopefully that can be a skin for her in the future? It's fitting!). Overall, the skin doesn't feel as vibrant as it used to. The wings and dress are much duller (which may not be a bad thing with these wings), but the wolf-tail is also hindering the likability of the skin. The last thing is that she no longer has bats flying off of her as she walks around, similar to Blackthorn Morgana lacking her leaf trail. Splash looks gorgeous and the wings fit this splash more, she looks much more demonic. Chromas - These look beautiful, I have no issues with the classic skin chromas. Overall, I think this was a gorgeous rework with addressing Morgana's back problems and making her much more distinguished. My main issue is that these new wings really impact her theme and they don't particularly look like shackled wings - they just look like she grew a furry tail. Perhaps if there was a way to better distinguish them with chains, etc similar to Sylas, then they would look nicer. For now, they've honestly destroyed how much I liked these skins to the point where I'm actually jealous that Kayle got a better VU than Morgana (minus classic). I think more effort was put into Kayle even though this was primarily a visual update for Morgana. I'm also wondering why Morgana's Q looks like an arrowhead, it just doesn't seem fitting and I'm constantly reminded of Xayah. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I hope that I at least offered some constructive criticism. I look forward to any other suggestion or interactions! Let's work together to make these skins the best that they can be; after all, better products reflect better on Riot Games and that'll mean more people will purchases these reworked skins!
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