My God, AFK Players are OP in the new Game Mode.

Two people in the jungle is a good idea. Most of the events are fun. But here is a list of issues that I have found. -When one jungler goes AFK, the other gets fed beyond reason because of the lack of experience sharing. All the experience from the camps go to the one jungler, which is extremely hard to win against, especially since there are more monsters in the wolf and raptor camps. -Kindred marks appear to only work on champions -If the enemy team has a hyper tank like Mundo or Rammus that also deal tons of damage, Bardle Royale is completely one sided, and so is king of the hill. (This also applies for the first complaint) -This isn't really a major issue but it's really annoying to look at. The bushes all have huge holes in them, which makes the thing look somewhat unrealistic. -The Cart is broken (and not in a sense of it being too strong. its actually broken, like it does not function smoothly) {{sticker:sg-shisa}}

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