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Hi :^), so I've played alot of Syndra support (Itembuild: {{item:3158}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3157}} WITH TRANSCENDENCE and Glacial Augment) and now I've an opinion I'd really love to share with y'all. * Hextech GLP-800 {{item:3030}}: With the 20% CDR, 500 mana instead of 400 and the loss of 300 HP, Hextech GLP got a really huge buff (MY OPINION). Midlaners will always buy as a first item something that gives them Mana (First it was Athenes Unholy Grail {{item:3174}}, after the change of Athenes, Morellomonicom {{item:3165}} was the first item for the Midlaners). NOW it will either be Hextech GLP {{item:3030}}, Luden's Echo {{item:3285}} OR Archangel's Staff {{item:3003}} since these items grants the Midlaner 500 Mana. Most midlaners will buy Luden's Echo {{item:3285}} , because the active of Hextech GLP can't go through units, which means that it is not a perfect waveclear tool anymore and no one wants to stack the passive from Tear of the Goddess{{item:3070}}. What really tilted from this change is that the active can't go through units. For example: I couldn't save my teammate, because a cannon minion blocked all my Hextech Bolts :^). * Rylai's Crystal Scepter {{item:3116}}: Can't say much about the +10 AP but I'd love that you make again a decision making LIKE you did with the Magic Resistance items (Abyssal Mask{{item:3001}} , Adaptive Helm{{item:3194}} and Spirit Visage {{item:3065}} ). Buff the passive effect of Rylai's, give it +15 Magic Penetration and higher the price to 3000g like Morellonomicon. So that's MY opinion about these 2 items and I hope you have a nice day and please don't judge my english skillz. Thanks for reading this!

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