[Feedback] Manaflow Band Cooldown Increase Discussion

Hey ya'll! I just saw this particular balance change noted on Surrender @ 20, where the cooldown of Manaflow Band would be increased from 60s to 75s. As a Support main, this one is a bit concerning. Manaflow Band is already the only early game mana regeneration/refund option for most of the supports, and the nerf to it is going to hit us hard. We're already out Meditation from the masteries of last season, and any mana regeneration runes we might have been running, and we cannot buy biscuits or mana potions. Not to mention, the nerf to Forbidden Idol is going to make it less attractive to the Enchanter supports, and they are likely going to look for a more gold efficient item, which will cause them to lose the mana regeneration they would be getting there. Has anyone else been having issues with going drastically oom because of this?
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