Can we talk about the Relic Shield changes and Thresh?

So with the latest PBE update Relic Shield (& respective upgrades) have been changed such that 'Healing is halved if the owner is ranged'. Evidently this is a nod to the recent development in the bot lane meta of adcs taking relic shield with fleet footwork and overheal (and maybe the domination/resolve healing ones) to pretty much afk the early lane and sustain through it. But what about Thresh? And I guess (perhaps, idk) secondarily anyone wanting to play an unconventional style of ranged support....but mainly Thresh! This is a direct nerf with **_no indication_** that Thresh is necessitating a nerf. Like, if it was generally agreed that Thresh is too strong or something and needs a hit, then maybe this is killing two birds with one stone. But as far as I can see, in this situation Thresh is just collateral damage in the war on the adc meta and.....what, just has to suck it up? That taking the relic shield line {{item:3302}} , which is most common for Threshes, puts him **_and his support_** at a disadvantage because they'll both receive half the healing from targon's stacks compared to other melee tank supports. Sure, coin {{item:3301}} is not unviable on Thresh, but in this case you're being forced into a certain playstyle for no discernible reason and **_also_** reduces his effectiveness as a tank support in the early game. Perhaps Riot are fully aware of this and are just considering options to deal with the overheal relic shield etc etc thing, which is fair enough, but all I can see is this line in the PBE notes and that's it. Sincerely, {{champion:412}} (I mean I'm not even a Thresh 'main', but still, a level 7 Thresh who enjoys the champion significantly.)

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