About feeders or AFKs in ranked game

Hi Riot. I have played League for over 2 years, and I started to tired because of feeders or AFKs in ranked game. I played lots of ranked games, and I met feeders to feeders, AFKs to AFKs. It made me feeling bad every time I played League. So I have some features about the Player Report system. The Player Report system seems not to be working when I report someone, and it's annoyed me. I have reported thousands of players and I just received only 2 or 3 times the response. And I think we should have a punishment to all those players that feed - causing the loss of the game. Banning or reduce more LP if someone received a report, or anything that wake up their minds not to feeding anymore. That is all of my suggestions, you can accept or reject this. I'll continue feedback for a better League Thank you for reading this.

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