[Arcanist Ziggs] Feedback

I am loving the skin concept. The facial features and outfit are really great and fit the arcanist fantasy well. His spells are kind of hard to read though... Passive is good. Bouncing bomb: the floating paper is really hard to read especially from an opponents perspective. its travel path is kind of awkward to watch and follow and doesnt show where it is going to bounce very well. My suggestions for making it easier to read would be to make the edges of the paper really glow and feel like the page is charged with energy and ready to blow some deep oranges to bright yellows rather than the current grey and yellow glow. Also have the rune in the center pop out with a deep purple with some pinks and reds mixed in or just make it darker altogether. I am pretty sure the center rune is supposed to represent the bounce point but it is currently getting lost. I didnt notice it at first but the alternating rune is a really nice touch. Satchel Charge: the literal satchel is a nice touch. perfect animation. Hexplosive Minefield: The runes are good but the crystals they are supposed to be in are way to translucent. It instead looks like a weird shimmer around the runes and does not read as actual crystals. increase the blues on the inside a bit and really emphasize the edges of the crystals more. Mega Inferno Bomb: love that he throws his entire book and that is disintegrates after it opens. great representation. Awesome concept and great job overall. just needs a tiny bit of polishing in a few spots.
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