Master Yi Changes

I feel like the Master Yi changes were a very smart idea because it allows him to not have weird cast animations or separations. One thing I would like to address though is that ever since Yi got these changes he is extremely hard to deal with in a match. Master Yi only needs two kills and a crit Item to be super oppressive. Even his "counters" are hardly enough and that doesn't even hit the main subject of why I am addressing this Issue. I feel like Master Yi could use some considerable nerfs because when you fight a Master Yi not only is he hard to kill it feels like you are being choked of any possible comeback. In short, Please nerf Yi he is so oppressive and it really sucks fighting him, He is the jungle version of Zed and it hurts..... a lot. I dont think you should revert the changes but, I definitely feel like you should nerf him and I think a lot of the community might agree with me. If any rioters have read this and agree with me, Thank you.... {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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