How Competitive Team fight Tactics will be like and how I feel riot should deal with it.

Alright so those that doesn't know yet. Team fight tactics is like playing cards.- from the very beginning you have a pool of units. So there are limitations. Scarra was in on it too and posted it on his [Twitter]( so as you can see there is a total amount of 109 units in each game. Now when it comes to the game, and this will most likely how "High Elo" would be.- even if the game received so much love that it somehow made it to e-sport scene.- then the player views would definitely end up looking like how Starcraft is today and that is a high amount of APM which is all about absorbing information by looking at every other players camp to see what they are building, what you should aim for and what you should avoid. This way since it is like playing cards, luck/rng is included,- but manipulating it is how you make your own chances higher. Since it is league and that we always seem to have people having reasons to complain about something,.- then i'm certain we will have streamers at one point going like "omg is he really building this can't he see I already got 2x 2*" So even then I expect people to have conflicts in Team Fight Tactics. **Regardless,- This is what Riot should do to fix the issue.- So that everyone can take a step back and fully enjoy the game.** 1- If they wanna keep the "no-info" option.- They should sign keys 1,2,3,4,q,w,e,r to each respective player for allow fast swap.- as you can then hit space to return to your own toon and gain as much information as needed. (if this is how it goes through, can we have item-paths and race/ability combo's in tab) 2- If they wanna help out majority of players and kill this "APM" required game approach that will certainly be a thing at higher matchmaking, to make the game be more about thinking strategically instead of brawl of who can multi-task the most, then create a score system via tab, that functions exactly like the post-game lobby which shows units of each player. [Example on how it should look like]( (fast paint job don't hate q.q) I'm finally happy to see a game that is "1 player vs rest" with ELO system. I just wanted to shred lights of one of those two options to make it more simple to play the game, if not it will definitely be interesting to look at how people attempt to multi-task the higher rating they reach, as **Manipulation of the odds**. Is definitely the key here. and ~~Phantom is really broken with demon~~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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