Bug Abusers / Timeout punishment (proposal)

"It's not their fault that the bug is here" and, "its not other player's Fault to face the bug" . Bugs like this should be fixed ASAP, it is a small server, testing environment, but after we discover a bug, do we have to bare the 100% hp Q Damage from Wokong, for another 3 weeks? For me, i use PBE to try skins and test my ability on other champs so i won't ruin my MMR on live (we all know what that leads to). I am suggesting a report button for "BUG Abuse" that gives a timeout of 5 min. So people who use the bug intentionally can rethink about using it again. On the other hand, this helps the SR in PBE to actually ne the test environment that we expect it to be. I don't blame them for using the bug, but it has to stop at some point, somehow , if riot plans on a Real delay for the Fix. It's not just this patchs bug, Everytime there is a bug, which is great because we contribute to the patch getting out clean, but the problem is , after discovery of the bug, reaction time is too late that makes players ignore the server. Or the main game. And another proposal, add a que SR where you can Actually ban, thats an easy fix. We can ban champs that are bugged, and in the other mode you can't ban, which gives you the right of trying any champ. This is all but a Suggestion, i do not mean anyone any offense. Write your comments below if you like something Writtin above and share your thoughts.
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