Mordekaiser Rework Skins Visual Feedback/Suggestions

I'm really excited for this rework and just the ult alone is enough to make me main him for a while. The visuals on the base skin is really nice but its sad to see his other skins not maximizing their potential and here are some suggestions for each of them Shared suggestions: Unique recalls? or at least recolors? **Dragon Knight:** Splashart: Looks pretty neat but for me it slightly resembles Malphite? Maybe have the scarf cover his mouth would help with that? scales and the brown bits on left arm in game are not on the splash In-game Model: Looks really nice, probably his best skin now Abilities: Needs a slight recolor, teal/blue rather than green? to match the color on his horns/weapon Ult: Is the hood a reference to something? Personally I really like it so much that I think it can swap with the regular form. Hooded most of the times then when in ult or after he kills the ulted target, he reveals himself as a half-dragon or something. might be a bit much to ask but would be really cool if it had dragons flying around instead of floaty islands Recall: Feeding his dragon pups and send them to chase after something **Infernal:** Splashart: Reminds me a bit of Lancer Rogue Blitz but still looks nice In-game Model: Really like the Ashen Lord ASol vibe but the white cloth doesnt really fit him here? The tip of the weapon looks too yellow, possibly make it more orange instead? Abilities: Replace the traces of green from some effects to a warmer color or grey/black smoke effects The E looks really bad imo, the yellow pool should be replaced with [lava and such]( Ult: Magma chamber is finally here! The crown? thing is a bit small? IMO an eye of sauron thing here between his horns would look pretty sick Recall: Smashes the ground and creates an erupting volcano **Pentakill:** Splashart: Not sure if anything was changed? In-game Model: Current weapon is nice too but why not the actual guitar? Abilities: Same with infernal, replace the remaining traces of green from some effects to a warmer color or grey/black smoke effects E looks bad here too but cant really use the lava idea here so maybe a black claw and chains? Ult: Instead of the eerie sound cue a short clip of their music! Or at least a strum on the guitar? Or the crowd cheering? Replace floating islands with giant morde helmets or speakers Spotlights, smoke and flares? Make it like a stage! The crown seems kinda underwhelming and doesnt really fit either, just give him a bigger floaty helmet like the old ult indicator Recall: Guitar solo with smoke and light etc **Lord:** Splashart: Not what I had in mind when it comes to a lord but still nice I guess, (purple glow if the other changes go through please!) In-game Model: Cloth and cape doesnt quite match the splash but either looks fine just make them the same for consistency Abilities: Think it would be nice if this skin had purple effects (for a 975 skin) like the ones in the ornaments of his armor and weapon Ult: A purple realm would look so sick! Recall: Fighting and ripping one of the tentacles off the monster he is fighting in the splash **King of Clubs:** Splashart: New mace looks nice but the crown seems a bit silly now like he has rabbit ears In-game Model: Grey instead of black would look nicer I think More gold/metallic? Seems really flat right now Larger cape like the splash please! Hanging from pauldron to pauldron would be lovely Ult: I dont really know but maybe giant floaty cards (maybe only kings of clubs) instead of islands? Recall: Just sit on a throne!
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