Nexus Blitz PBE V2 - Map Changes and New Events

Hi friends, Thanks for all the feedback. Nexus Blitz goes live this patch, partially thanks to your diligent testing. This week on PBE you'll be seeing a number of new things as we prep for 8.17. Here's what we want feedback on. > > MAP CHANGES (THESE ARE ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT, PLEASE LET US KNOW IF THEY MAKE THE GAME BETTER) > > -The jungle near blue buff has been simplified. Goal is to make laning more understandable (less gank paths) and fights around blue and Rift herald more fun. > > -A small alcove has been added under bot-lane. This alcove has a buff in it. Goal is to draw some action down to bot lane. > > > > NEW ITEM > > -Added Sword of the Divine. It builds out of Serrated dirk. Have fun murdering people. > > -FoN's health regen is now Unique > > > > NEW EVENTS > > -None yet, but you'll be seeing them show up later in the cycle. > > > > TWEAKS AND TUNING > > Tower health and resistances have been increased by about 10% Your thoughts are invaluable. Please let us know if the changes we're making are going in a good direction.
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