How amusing

Its really interesting to see so many people climbing on this EZ bandwagon when they are 5 against 4. LOL ... Is there no honor ? I feel bad and have to say sorry if the enemy has an AFK and we won, kudos if it happens and they won! Which is cool. But then why is it important for people to say EZ when it wasn't fair fight. Ill tell you.... Its the same reason why they surrender early if behind by a little... little meaning towers are even but more deaths which means nothing but they want it easy and just to win and then boast about it!!! Come on guys.. Even if you are behind play and try your best!!!** I believe that when you have all odds against you and the enemy team is winning then through the struggle you can truly become better.** As apposed to just steam rolling over the other team because of a better comp!? Lets all have fun!!! Even if I get people that say EZ when they have unfair advantage I try and not lash out and resent them and still GG at the end of the game for I did have fun and constantly try to learn. Truth be told because of this there has bean times where we had an AFK and I refuse to surrender and my team mates started playing as a team and we won! Still I will try and not bash when EZ was used early game. It still gets to me don't get me wrong, but I try to not get involved in chat disputes and not break focus. The ego of us gets in the way and it feels good in the back of the mind when you stomped the apposing team and then claim it by saying EZ. But think of the other person, think of the mastery of the champs between you. He could be playing an entirely new champ or even ping can make a difference. Fine ... Let it be Just give a smiley emote or say gg when you stomped him that can be accepted and shows sportsmanship and you UNDERSTAND the game and how it works. This is just my view of it and I can be wrong. I can accept that and will continue to learn. Thank you to those that are nice and make it fun for everyone to play something so fortunate as URF. I love this game mode and think its its action packed and very challenging. The best environment to learn. I lose more than win but so what... I will still not surrender and have fun to the end!!! Sincerely cr33po PBE
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