Aatrox passive needs clarity.

I see that Aatrox has a passive that's sort of like Gangplank's passive, a long cooldown enhanced auto, that you can "waste" the passive on minions. However, the way it's illustrated is a lot harder to read, he does a stance change (which only activates in combat), with a slight orange glow on the fuller of his blade... There are two things for clarity this passive needs: 1. The glow actually needs to be way more noticable!, since the stance can only be read in combat. Particle effects for the entire blade? Just something more clear, whatever works! 2. There needs to be a little bit of a warning it went up again, the sound atm is a bit of a weak little ring, he flips his sword if he's fighting- unlike Gangplank's passive where you hear it light on fire and see it light on fire. 3. I think since the passive should even have a tiny bit of warning before it comes up, like .2 seconds before? so whatever the animation and sound was, it could start to "ramp into" at this point. This is because the timing on the passive is variable on how much Q's you hit. 4. Just a little aside, the effect on the enemy is a little underwhelming, a broken heart icon? Very JRPG - I'd love it if it had a more action visual effect, like a type of "ignition" or "bleeding" of the opponent. I think it's important this passive is really clear because,as far as i can tell it's a big part of rework Aatrox's power.
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