Dear Riot Games, about CLASH and Ranked Team

Dear Riot Games, I know you are putting a lot of effort into launching CLASH, but I really think they should generate a linear tournament system like CLASH, but that players can use it all the time. As was previously RANKED TEAM. And that can be played at any time and any day. It's what LOL is really lacking. The players want to gather 5 friends and play with them at the time and times you can. I hope to reconsider such systems as RANKED TEAM. Where one could play with friends of any level in a competitive environment. And feel that one had a TEAM. That was part. CLASH being an event for a certain day and time. Limit that you can play with your team all the time as we did before. I have been playing LOL for 10 years and I certainly believe that RANKED TEAM is missing as before. Can we have active tournaments all the time in the RANKED TEAM style? Congratulations on the 10 years and I hope to get together with you many more.

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