Round Three Ahri xD

Looks like we finally found the middle ground! Passive: Love this. Still makes her feel fluid in combat, but gives opponents more interaction with her. Also makes sure that with the new damage she wont be overbearing in roam pressure. Q: Keeping the original passive on here is much better than the two stack one. Will actually make her a lot more vulnerable in lane since she cant stack it up with w in addition to the change to the movement speed. W: Much better than the first changes. Still slows the damage down a bit, but good ahri players won't have an issue getting the full value of the combo. It also doesn't hit her melee matchups, where she will still be able to use it to harrass. E: TOTALLY NERFED, NOW IT WILL BE EVEN HARDER TO LAST HIT CHAMPS WITH THIS ;-; Kidding, of course. Still on the fence with the damage amp, but as Ive said many times before its probably fine given where the game has been going xD R: The hit to the base numbers on this and charm are fine. She should still be at about the same midgame power spike, but this will be a nice boost late game to keep her relevant. Should also give her a window in if she starts to fall behind. TL;DR: It finally feels like weve found a middle point. She gets to keep some of the movement speed that a lot of us have come to love without pissing off everyone else. Her numbers look like theyre in a good place, but the combo will still be slowed down that fraction of a second it takes to auto. Im overall happy with these changes; sounds like you guys have been listening even though you never talk. Thank you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit!: After looking at some posts from other users. It looks like everyone is very happy with the changes. The only improvement I can see is for the passive. Its impact can definitely be felt, but it's very subtle. One of the ideas I saw put up, was to increase the scaling. The major irritation that most people had with the movement on the q, was that it made her too safe in lane. If it ramps up throughout the game, it still gives enemies a chance to gank her early on, but will be more of a factor later. As it is now, it doesn't really effect gameplay as much as passive typically do.
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