Remove this god awful HUD before I die from cancer.

My argument doesn't even begin to express my anger and irritation(I'd get banned for it) from this new HUD and it seems to only get worse. I logged onto PBE today and its currently hiding enemy team and our teams kills/deaths/assists, The HUD itself is horribly compared to the old one which made game-play more smooth! ~I should be able to see my stats without hitting a custom button ~I should be able to actually see kills/deaths/assists, other information with ease, not with squinting or no information at all. ~Eyesore compared to the old one, tries to move and downsize everything which is rather annoying. ~Riot, you should know better than this, this IS NOT a good idea, people run from games due to major changes like this, the game may change but changing the HUD in a major way, and then doing it HORRIBLY is going to run your fan base away, no other way to put it. ~Personally I enjoy the previous HUD due to ease of it, everything isn't so scrunched together and it doesn't look like it was forced, this one looks like it was forced in little time and wanted to modernize and "update" when updates are NOT necessary, your wasting your time. I can't even PBE test with this right now, its too much of an eyesore, not doing it. ~AT LEAST GIVE US AN OPTION TO OPT OUT OF THIS HORRID THING ~If this makes it to live, you will loss player-base, no way you won't for the simple fact of its too much change for a large quantity of your player-base and as said earlier, its forced and an eyesore ~Finally, People returning to LoL will not stay long if its changed in major ways like this, people can adjust to game-play elements changing, but when major HUD changes happen, and not to a players advantage they will not stay at all, they're try to cope with the new HUD and either meld in with constant complaint or just leave, One reason LoL is still popular is because you can come back to it with ease. This is just my take on the HUD, but I'm not testing until we can opt out of it or its removed altogether, this should be optional if you going to ruin the games feel for people. Have fun, Hope you read this and I apologize in advance for my words but I am quite irritated because of this, to the point of it effecting my game-play as well. {{summoner:4}}
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