[FEEDBACK] Star Guardian Ezreal Ult Animation.

I love so much Star Guardian theme, and when I saw new Star Guardian Ezreal on spotlight's, I loved it SO MUCH! ♥ (actually.. congratz Riot, this rework was amazing!), but I saw a little detail that made me confused and a little upset... . Why in every skin (less arcade and pulsefire) he has a energy wing effect that turns into his ult, but in star guardian's skin, even doing the same animation, he doesn't have this effect? . Ezreal ulting on his Classic Skin: https://gph.is/2zw0dUN Ezreal ulting on his Star Guardian Skin: https://gph.is/2QYfzbb . It would be amazing he has this effect on this skin too, it would be like Yuuto (his familiar/pet) came out of him and enter in a magical circle, and became Ezreal's ult ♥.
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