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Icon problem
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I have a big problem with the icons currently on the PBE. As you probably now there are 2 ways how to purchase GGMF skin. Normal way, where you get the skin and 4 icons. Then there is a Premium bundle where you get the 4 default icons and A PREMIUM ICON with MF on it, and a ward. the 4 default icons change the profile background to GGMF animated splash art, like other Ultimates do. But if you buy the premium bundle, the icon that has MF's face on it, that one doesnt change it. You are left with your basic profile background, that is either blank or has other champions on it, depending on play rate. Obviously the MF icon is really pretty and unique, but I feel quite punished buying the bundle if that icon gives me less than the ones in the normal bundle.:/ Especially if that icon is the main reason why I will be buying the bundle. I hope its not intentional, and I hope it can and will be fixed! Thanks for your hard work, Neofayne.
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