@ROIT if the celerity changes go live, nidalee is going to need compsenation buffs

nidalee's uses celerity with her passive, this in turn gives her 10 MORE AP for her first clear because of her passive. this is also 10 ap she doesn't have for "takedown" for early gank now nidalee WAS an early game champ... now she is more of a "mid game" champion because of how important it is for her to hit lvl 3 and because she isn't very effective at dueling at scuttle. her clear speed is already SLOWER than that of champions like {{champion:19}} . (which i also play and i know because i have timed them) i do NOT mind the 1.5 movement speed change to 13% bonus ms on your abilties.. but you CANNOT remove the "adaptive stats" as this is the only thing that makes nidalee's clear even CLOSE to other early game jungler.. and i really dont even think {{champion:19}} is an "early game jungler" and he already can clear faster than she can. PLEASE do not go through with the celerity changes. i have already have to deal with an ENTIRE YEAR of nidalee being trash teir in season 7 becuase of what u did to {{item:3116}} and strength of the ages. i do NOT want to go through that AGAIN. this change will DRASTICALLY hurts nidalee's winrate as losing 10 AP on your first clear and your first gank is MASSIVE. that is a HUGE nerf to nidalee early game.. and if nidalee donest take off early... she becomes irrelevant, as she has no late game, so by the time she finally get to full build with everyone else... she cant do anything anyways
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