Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!

THIS IS NOT A BUG REPORT THREAD. [GO HERE FOR THAT]( GO HERE TO SEE THE COMPLETE [COMPREHENSIVE 2.0 CHANGELIST]( HELLO SUMMONERS!! Nexus Blitz is back for its second run as an experimental mode, this time as part of the Snowdown festivities in Patch 8.24! As you might have seen in the Nexus Blitz /dev article in October, we got a ton of feedback from players from around the world after our first test. We’ve made some big improvements, and we hope you'll enjoy playing this version throughout the holidays this year! Let’s get into what those changes are: * Updated Map Layout - More jungle between the lanes, buffs moved around, extra jungle camp, jungle entrances moved around. Should help shake up how junglers interact with each other and the laners, but also make it easier to understand where the danger is as a laner * Improved Map Art - Prettier, with a little festive cheer! * Events and Rewards - A couple brand new events and rewards to spice things up, and a bunch of polish! ------------ Event: Prize Fight - series of speedy 2v2s and 1v1s in the center of the map. Matchups are balanced around how much gold you have. ------------ Event: URF Deathmatch - Everyone has URF powers and everyone has 3 lives. Brawl until only one team remains! ------------ Event: Sudden Death - Greatly improved to feel more fair and epic. ------------ Event: Removed Snowball Fight ------------ Reward: Battle Sled - All aboard for a wild sled ride from your base to almost anywhere on the map! ------------ Reward: Statikk Shock - Your team gets chain lightning zaps on their auto attacks to mow down waves (and champions) with ease! ------------ Reward: Removed Cursed Minions, Blessing of Caitlyn, Brush Stealth * Telegraphed Events and More Notifications - Sometimes Nexus Blitz can get a little chaotic. These changes should help players instantly understand what’s happening (or about to happen). * The first event of the game now appears in champ select! * The game tells you which event will trigger 30 seconds before it begins. * Announcer VO that epically describes what’s happening! * Some new score meters and teamfight trackers that better fit most events! * Bans - It’s true! We're using the same blind 10-ban system as Ranked. * Balance - Tuning continues! So get out there and throw your feedback at us! What's better? What's worse? What's missing?
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