feedback / ones user perspective on nexus blitz hi, id like to give some general feedback - increase game speed its a fun mod afterall, let us start level 3 or 5, give more gold. main conception of the game mode says that its a fast paced gamemode. having to start from level 1 with the minimum gold is kinda contrary - reduce map size having to walk from spawn to mid tower takes "almost" as much time as on summoners rift. dunno. reduce maybe the distances between each friendly tower and have a larger section in the middle, where some events could appear. last and least for now - reduce death timer. this in particular made me write a feedback that soon. its to high of an death timer for such (fun focued) game modes. i also noticed, that we coulndt skin boost. not sure if its intentional or if its just a feature that doesnt need testing and you just left it out until it goes live. dunno. but i do miss it thats it from me for now.

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